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New member and experiences with HiRez clothing


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Hello all, I am new to the board but have been riding since about 8 years old. I bought a 2006 R1200RT in Thailand but stopped riding since my Daughter was born in 2011 but have started riding again since we moved to rural Thailand. There are a lot of good BMW riding groups and BMW puts on a lot of events that are cool.


I am not sure if this section is correct but I actually have a few questions so I will ask one here. Any riders have any experience or input from riding in Southern California and what have you learned is the strategy to ride as safe as possible or ride where it is as safe a possible? (reducing using surface streets, not riding at night, reducing riding on 2 lane roads) Also in addition have you found wearing a HiRez jacket and helmet helps much to cut down on inattentive drivers?



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My experience of Thailand was that most drivers are far more aware of motorcycles than in the UK Europe or the USA.


Hi Viz clothing helps in some situations but be aware of your surroundings, sometimes Hi Viz can blend in with the background vegetation. They are really designed to stand out in the Urban environs.

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Central and Southern CA rider here.


Yes,Hi Viz helps.

A plain white helmet is pretty visible too and often the cheapest $$ wise in the lineup.


Also maximize forward lighting(if regulations allow).

I just installed Clerwater Darla's with yellow lense covers,the triangular lighting really makes the bike stand out.

Skene Photon Blasters are another option,at 1/6 the cost of the Clearwaters.

Use Clearwater Billie,Skene P3's or other options for brighter tail lights,flashing tail light(if allowed)



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I did find a few studies on Motorcycle accidents and injuries, I couldn't bear to read it all once I came to the conclusion I just need to ride from midnight to 4am on a Wednesday on roads with no intersections or cross traffic, easy, done ha!!


Oh, and humans that drive those boxes with wheels, are pretty much selfish, self absorbed, ignorant idiots with no regard for human life on 2 wheels. I know, funny but not funny!




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