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GS911 Alternative?


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In a discussion on the MOA Facebook page someone mentioned this Android app as an alternative to the GS911:


MotoScan App


It works with several OBD-II bluetooth interfaces. You'll also need an adapter cable that's available from Amazon for about $20 to connect the ODB-II reader to the BMW interface connector. At present, its Android only, no IOS version.


Has anyone here had any experience with it? I'm tempted to give it a try...worst case the reader should work with my other vehicles.


I went to the GS911 seminar at the MOA Rally and it was pretty interesting (then again, I'm an old network guy). I can see how it would be useful on the newer bikes but it seems like overkill for my non-CANBus R1150RT. I'd just like to be able to read the data & faults from the Motronic and the brake system, which the app supposedly does.


Anyway, if I do go for it, I'll post back with how it works.

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Just fYI, my 2017 R1200GS uses a standard OBDII interface cable rather than the proprietary round one that BMW has used for years. So for me, a standard OBDII bluetooth adapter that I had for my car and the Motoscan software works great.

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That's good to know. I ordered the adapter cable and I'll see how/if it works with the bluetooth OBDII reader I have.


Where in AZ are you located?

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Funny that both my brother's and my 2017 RT's still have the round BMW plug while other 17's have the rectangular plugs....

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I've got a Carly module that identify and clear fault codes, although I got it to reset my service indicator for the HP4, I didn't research it enough as only the android side of the house is capable of that.

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The adapter cable arrived today so I had to try it.


I have a no-name OBDII bluetooth interface that I think I got from Amazon a while back. I connected it to the cable and the cable to the bike's diagnostic connector.


I have an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet that runs Android 4.2.2, it's the only Android device we have. The Motoscan app installed just fine and seems to run OK. I was able to pair the tablet with the adapter fairly easily.


I turned on the key but didn't start the bike. I selected the R1150RT and it seemed to talk to the bike just fine. It showed two controllers...engine and ABS (I think that's all the 1150 has). It seemed to talk to the engine controller just fine altho with the freebie version of the app it's pretty limited as to what it will do. I was able to turn the fuel pump on & off and see the battery voltage.


I tried to access the ABS controller but it said it couldn't connect to it. I had not run the bike so the brakes were still in test mode. I don't know if that's the issue or if there's a limitation in my el-cheapo adapter or what.


It was too hot in my garage to go much further (it was 106F today) and dinner was ready so that's about as far as I got. I'll try to dink with it some more tomorrow.


So, it looks promising so far but it looks like I'll have to opt for an upgraded version of the app if I want to go much further...that would be another $15 to $50 depending. The recommended OBDII adapter would be another $50 if I need that. With the price of the adapter cabe ($20) it's not too far from the price of a used GS911 (about $200 seems to be the going rate). Considering that a GS911 would probably have a decent resale value, I'm not sure I'd save all that much. And, in reality I'm not sure I REALLY need one for my 1150 anyway, it's just something I'm curious about.


Anyway, I'll play with it some more and see how it goes.

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Hank, I have the $20 version.


The Motoscan app is not available for IOS, only Android. Apparently, Apple does not expose all the necessary bluetooth methods to outside developers so a lot of the bluetooth capable stuff is not available for Apple devices (I've found this for other types of apps as well).


After some more research it looks like I'll have to upgrade my OBDII adapter. The one I have is apparently a knock-off that implements an early version of the ELM327 protocol so some of the features are not available. I'm not sure how much further I want to go with this. If I had a newer bike I'd be more inclined to pursue it but I don't know how worthwhile it would be for the 1150.

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I guess I'm a GS911 fan as it works seamlessly with my R1150RT. I've used it to troubleshoot various issues over the years and found it invaluable.


And I recently discovered I can reset the "service engine light" on my buddy's K1300 when it triggers an oil change.


But technology marches on so please report back when you have it working.





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Funny that both my brother's and my 2017 RT's still have the round BMW plug while other 17's have the rectangular plugs....


From what I have found, the change to the standard OBDII connector is part of the Euro 4 emissions change.

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