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Would I like a K-bike? (R1200RT and R1100GS owner)


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Greetings K-bike people,


I'm having a bit of a hankering for more power. I like the RT's wind protection and civilized electric windshield. The GS makes me smile because of it's relatively quick handling.


Would I like a K1200GT? Is the 1300 significantly better? Should I go "boy-racer" and get a K1200S for the stable?


Please advise, otherwise I'll be forced to get the V4 Aprilia Tuono I test rode. It was nuts!






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When you say "K", well...

multiple eras/models.

When I first rode a wedge K 1200 S, wow.

I owned an original K 1200 GT, flying brick and was impressed.

The 1300's are an improvement.

Riding position is not the sit up and beg (well, you can modify, but not an RT/GS. Maybe the 1600 could be?).

K's are not boxers.

I rode boxers for 35 years and when I took my wife for a test ride on the GT, she told me my "other" bikes weren't as comfortable and vibrated too much. They were in perfect tune :/

So, went to the dark side, never looked back.

Faster, smoother, outstanding brakes, more electrical capacity,


Dennis has more experience with the early K RS/GT and then the subsequent "K"'s, hopefully he'll chime in.

The have foibles and quirks, but like any machine keep 'em maintained and enjoy.

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Dennis Andress

There is significant differences between the slant K1200 and K1300



When replacing our K1200 RSs with K1300 Ss my wife and I both agereed the S was a easier bike to ride well. I attribute that to weight, the S was about 80 lbs lighter than the RS. A GT weighs more than an RS.




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I bought a '99 R1100S about 15 months ago, and this spring a '99 R1100RT. Both run really well, the S is REALLY well. Then two weeks ago I added a 2000 K1200RS. I have only ridden it maybe 75 miles, but WOW!! SMOOTHE AND POWERFUL. Soooo MUCH MORE than the R's. It weighs more than either R but the seating position is much more adjustable thru the bars than either R. I really do not care for the RT position, gonna sell it. But this K is REALLY FUN and VERY comfy (6'2", 190lb), plus two position windscreen and all the gauges, gear indicator, etc.


The big difference between the S and RS is on the R1100S, all you have to do is THINK about which way you want it to go, even in a fast bumpy curve. On the K, you don't have to think about it as much.


Have fun!!



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Well, I've got myself a K1300GT! Haven't quite got round to selling anything else yet, we'll see...


First impressions:

I really like the handling and suspension.

I really like the power(!).

My wife prefers it to the RT (more space and better view, I think).


I find the stock windshield to be pretty useless. Likely going to order an Aeroflow soon.

Still getting used to the shifting. I'm not yet as smooth as I am on the RT.

Sometimes, more vibration than I like. It's not too obtrusive, but I'd prefer it to be a bit smoother. There's sometimes a buzzing vibration on overrun that is, I understand, not unusual.


I've been too busy to get a long ride in, just some commuting so far, but I'll get that new screen and head for the mountains before the snows arrive.






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Tough to recommend a K bike over that Aprilia, to be honest, unless you plan to do some long distance riding. I think the 'Prilla is a different kind of motorcycle than a K bike. Probably the closest thing BMW makes that might compare is the F800 line of bikes.


K12/13 -- tons of power! Way lots. Two up with luggage? So not a problem.


Agreed, the stock windshield on my K13GT isn't that great. Loved it in summer because it kept me cool on hot days, but now I need a windshield for cold weather riding. I'll likely get an Aeroflow as well.

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