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Wiring connector location


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Well, here's a post for the K bike section:


I bought a 2000 K1200RS a week ago without any friend's knowledge ("Friends don't let friends buy K-bikes."). Based on my experience with NightRider AF-Xied units on my 99 R1100S and r1100RT, I already bought and received one for the K. I'd maybe like to install it before driving the bike 3 hrs home next weekend.


Can anyone tell me the location of the O2 and Motronic (Jetronic??) wiring connectors?? Will I need to remove any tupperware side panels or just look under the seat??



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I don't know about the RS, but on my 1999 LT it is under the tank next to the air filter, so a bit of a job to get to.


Regardless of where it is, my thought was how would you appreciate the improvement of the fueling controller if you didn't have a good ride under your belt as a baseline?


I really like the motor in the LT (bought it a year ago to haul a sidecar) and think I'd like it a LOT in the form you got.

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Dennis Andress

Unless that K has been well maintained I'd spent my time taking care of the usual problems.



From a post long ago...

To make a K12 run like new.

Replace the O2 sensor if the bike has more than 60,000 miles. Or, replace it if the bike has ran poorly for any length of time.

Replace the sparkplug cables if they are more than two years old

Replace the sparkplugs

Remove and clean the throttle bodies

Clean the TPS

Replace the O'Rings between the throttle stubs and the head (#3 in the diagram below. From here)

Upon reassembly, adjust the TPS so pins 3 and 4 measure approx. .75 ohms.



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Yea, you're prob'ly right about riding it first. May have to truck it home anyway if I can't ride it home. Complicated logistics.


I read a good thread somewhere, was it yours about mounting a hack on the KRS and sorting out the frame/handling?? Said it made a great tug.


I know where there are two more KRS's in the $3K price, less than 50K miles, checker cab yellow.



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I don't think I have anything here about mounting the car to our LT, though we do have a thread here on our current sidecar trip.




Good luck with your new ride. I think my next will be something sporty - hopefully the K and R RSs and Ducati STs will still be cheap by the time I get around to it.

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THANKS for the info!! Had not seen that. Makes sense. I'll put the gs911 on it, too, and see what's going on.


I can tell you that the AF-Xied made a HUGE difference in both oil heads, made them run like they are supposed to run (I'm a satisfied customer). I figured these bikes are the same age, same EPA exhaust regs, extra lean mix, plus they make a unit for the K1200 so it has to work.



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Dennis Andress

AF-XIED made a big difference for my wife's F800 GT. But, things like that seem to work out better when the basics are fist taken care of


Search this form - K Bikes - for my name and "throttle" for more. I'm pretty sure that about 10-12 years ago I wrote instructions for a lot of that.

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