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Another Seat Question


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Two part question. U just missed the Sargent sale and found a like new heated Corbin. I could get it for $450 including shipping but based on the bad reviews I'm wondering if it is worth it. The Sargent is $760 when on sale for a dual heated seat. I was thinking it would be nice to be able to keep my stock seat and hoping the Sargent would be comfortable for up to 6 hours maximum riding time. I see they have the original World Performance and a newer World Performance Plus. The difference is the newer version has double stitching, DTX seating area which has a bit more traction to prevent sliding around and Grip zone side panels offering extra gripping during braking and cornering. I know one person on this site as the original version and as some creasing in the front saddle. The newer material is supposed to be a bit less prone to that.

Has anyone here purchased the World Performance Plus? Is it a good idea to have a grippy seat and sides on the RT or would it be better to be able to move and slide around easier. Sargent says the newer DTX material was more designed for the GS. I do like the less shiny look of the new material but was hoping someone else has tried it. Was going to go with too stitch rather than a welt. I tried a Seth Laam and Bill Mayer on my 14 RT but neither was very comfort for more than a couple hours. I would love to try a Russell but my inseam is 29" and I'm not sure the extra height and wings would be a good idea. The Corbin is tempting but I've heard so many bad things.

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Is that a new factory Corbin for $450? If not you won't deal with them you'll either like it or sell it, so the reports of service issues shouldn't be of concern. It's either you have a Corbin butt or not, since you didn't like the Bill Mayer or Seth Laam I'm thinking you may like the Corbin, just my guess.



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My take on the seat material is that if you have to have a material to keep you from sliding ( usually forward ) then the seat isn't shaped right. I understand your inseam situation, and that probably means some compromises with a Russell Day-Long. I typically don't care for Corbin seats, but I do believe they are different enough for each bike that the one they have for the new RT might be comfortable. They typically are the shortest height seats. You can usually get a good percentage of your money back on aftermarket seats if you don't like them. The used one you mention might be a good experiment.

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I don't think the material will keep you from sliding it's the seat. I had to put seat jacks under the front of my seat on a 02R1150RT, it was an issue with that seat starting with the R1100RT (same seat).



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Sargent has a 30 day money back guarantee, so if it is not comfortable after a bunch of hours in the saddle, you get your money back. Pretty good way to test.

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Can anyone comment on the Sargent LOW seat? The wife has the BMW low seat on her 2017. Just wondering if anyone has tried the Sargent version to comment on whether it is worth the upgrade.


Especially need to know if it affected the reach to the ground. The wife has some large calves. So she can't put her leg in front of the pegs like I can. She has to go outside of the pegs. So if the seat raises you up, that would be no good for her as she's on her toes as it is.

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I just got a Sargent low seat at the recent BMW MOA Rally and have about 1000 miles on it now. I'm about 5'8 or 9" tall with a 30" inseam. My RT came to me (used) with the BMW low seat on it. It was good for about 200 miles to my tush before the wiggles set in. I could easily flat-foot the bike with the stock seat. With new, low Sargent, I can still flat-foot it, but with only a teeny-bit more effort. The larger wings cause that. I'd rate this seat as an easy 500 mile seat. Placing the two seats side by side, the Sargent is a bit taller (more padding). I got the standard seat, not the Plus seat. I like being able to move a little bit. It is a keeper for me. Not trying to do a hijack here; just discussing the Sargent as asked.

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I probably will try the Sargent. Unfortunately to purchase it without a Welt, top stitching only they charge 10% restocking fee because it is considered special order. Probably will do it but was hoping someone had purchased the newer World Performance Plus with the DTX seating to see how it was. I will go with the standard height since the stock seat is only a little bit of a reach to the ground and I prefer as much padding as possible. I also realized my biggest problem is Tasilbone pain and start to feel it in my truck after a long drive so I think it is less of a seat issue as it is a issue with my Tailbone.

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I broke my tailbone many years back. I know what riding with tailbone pain is. It took me a long time to get back to where I could ride any real distance. The seat is everything. Good luck!

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I have the Sargent world sport plus seat just like that one but regular height. I have to say it is a well made great seat. Not as good as my Russell for long distance but a good off the shelf seat.

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Hi I'm the guy with the world sport seat that was concerned with creases. The crease is not really an issue as the warm weather came on the vinyl relaxed in the sun/heat so it is almost imperceptible. You have to be looking for it. So not to worry about that. I can get about 4 hours before I am thinking about a good place for a stretch

And that is because my left side sciatic never is a bit dodgy.


I choose the original vs the plus as when I ride frisky I like to shift my butt to the low side while cornering. An old habit that developed while blasting hard into corners on my R75/5...back when I was immortal. The oil and wet head Bikes don't really need much of body offset as the valve covers are much less likely to touch down...and my testosterone is half of what it was when I rode my R75/5. In any case there is no sliding forward on the original vinyl but the plus covering is compelling for the added durability


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Following, not replying, Paul.


First, you'd have to be naked for fabric/seams to make much difference.

You can stay put, or move around, by using legs/feet/etc.

You're the one in control.

Second, inseam issues can be addressed through boot sole build up, easy enough to add 1/2", or more, and get off tippy toes.

Third, saddles are like ice cream. I don't like vanilla...

Everyone is different.

The only way to find out is, ride someone's, or buy one and try it.

I can tell you all day long (sic) that chocolate is better.

Best wishes.

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Don't buy any seat until you try a Bill Mayer. My bum's favorite.






Rocky's saddles rock. Not too soft. Not too hard. Not too wide. Not too narrow. It just disappears even after miles and miles -- and it doesn't look like it came off a John Deere.

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Tallman, agreed and to add. I was sort of steered to the original vinyl by CS (deep voiced guy) at Sargent based on specific questions about the grippier nature of the new vinyl option. In retrospect it probably is not an issue. I will say I have no sliding forward issues with the original vinyl cover even under hard braking and durability should be fine as this was the only choice for many years. So choice is really about looks and overkill durability.

30 day return on stock seat design helps with the testing concern.


Loved my Russell DL and other full custom saddle makers get high marks for comfort as well, but those choices are an absolute buy in as your OEM saddle is typically sacrificed for the pans, unless you find a used saddle. All the third party saddle folks will work with you if the fit isn't perfect for you. But should your saddle tweaking and you gave up your OEM saddle, riding on the frame rails is not advised while you wait ;)

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On the seat subject I do like the Sargent low seat is attractive looking seat (I'm on the hunt for a better low seat for the RT/LC) also.


We all know that many people that has ridden more than 500 miles in a day on one, the OEM low seat is a joke, or at least a poor example of what a low seat can be.


Seth Lamm has told me that he has and will build a low seat for the RT/LC for me, and I'm considering that option, something on the sporting side of comfort seats.


Bill Mayer on his website does not show his seat on a newer RT. Nor have I seen his low seat. So thats an unknown item to me.


Russel DL seat I'm sure is very comfortable, but a low seat from him equals a standard OEM seat in height wise, which is still a negative for me, and IMHO while I'm sure it is a great seat, its too John Deere for me, my RT/LC lives and will always live on the sporting side of sport-touring......



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Hi MBevans,

I just bought a Sargent Low Seat at the recent MOA Rally in Salt Lake City. I had an '05 RT and would call that OEM seat a 100 mile seat (before I got squirmy). My '14 RT with OEM low seat is about a 200 mile seat to me. On the return trip from SLC to Tucson, we did 530 miles on the Sargent seat without getting squirmy. It still felt good. You are spot on about the Russell - I've had two. They are called Day-long seats for a reason, but do sit taller. I had no chance to flat-foot either bike with the Russell on them. I can flat-foot the'14 RT with low Sargent on it. Considering lowering the footpegs now.


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