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Ohlins Discovery on my R

David R

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I bought a new Ohlins front for my 2012 R1200R at 50,000 miles. It is paid for and I decided to keep it instead of trade for a new one with out Telelever.


Loved the front. It has rebound and Preload adjustment with a much better spring setup. Ride and handling improved.


Then I decided it would be a good idea to purchase the rear. Once I realized how good the front was, I bought the rear with rebound and compression adjustments.


I installed it and attempted to mount the preload adjuster where I could reach it with out taking the seat off on the left side of the bike.

It was a pain in the azz to adjust it. Too many turns, too small of a knob for my big hands. I had the same problem when the Ohlins preload adjuster was under the seat.


SO I measured the spring travel from the preload adjuster. It was about 5.7 mm. I then went to my OLD STOCK shock and measured the spring travel from the stock adjuster and it was 11mm.


I put the OLD STOCK preload adjuster under the seat hooked to the new Ohlins shock. Its the same size thread banjo bolt.


Wala! I now can get more spring travel and do it in fewer clicks with FAR Less trouble.


This really works. 15 clicks or about 1/2 then entire travel of the OLD STOCK adjuster takes me through all the spring travel on the new Ohlins shock. I have gone as far as 20 clicks. I don't dare go any more. I also have no need, with the girl (pillion) and full bags, I still get my 40 mm dynamic sag.


I will measure the total spring travel with 20 clicks and post here in a few with pictures.


I can turn the old knob with ease.



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