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Bouys in the Hood


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:D :D :D :D


Just by there in April this year (in an automobile) and I like the sense of whimsy. "Coastal Cannabinoids", "Harvest Moon Cannabis" and "Coastal High Ways" come to mind ;)

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Now that you mention it, we're in kind of a cannabinoid crisis right now- *Link*

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My kind of humor, Lee. Love it.


So as a resident of another "green" state, and after reading that article, I'm curious...does Oregon have a central warehouse for cannabis distribution like they do for liquor?

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Hi, Wayne -

The liquor stores here are owned & staffed by the state, but the marijuana stores are privately owned and regulated (from growth to processing to sales) by the state. If it wasn't a multimillion dollar business, I don't think anyone would try. Taxes alone amounted to over $54 million last year. *link*

So to answer your question, I don't know for sure, but I doubt it. :dontknow:

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