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Alberta Forestry Trunk Road


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Got out for a nice ride today. A little over 500km (315 mi) total along the Alberta Rocky Mountain foothills and 100km of gravel north on the Alberta Forestry Trunk Road.




Perfect weather (15-22º C or 60-72º F), just a few clouds and no smokey haze from the forest fires west of us. Last week you could smell the smoke even though the fires are over 300 km away !


Had to stop for a cinnamon bun in Coleman, AB before getting on the Forestry Trunk Road.




The first few km were "washboard hell" and there were some road repairs happening over the last 10 km. Soft gravel, a grader and windrow - what more could you wish for?


Saw about 20 vehicles on the Forestry Trunk Road and half of those were motorcycles.








One minor equipment failure. Better put blue Locktite on the GPS mount before I do that route again.


Mike Cassidy

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...coming to western Canada in Sept 2018 for a couple of weeks with friends - we went before in 2014 and absolutely loved it.




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