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On the road & need wrenching info.


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I'm on the road and have a problem with oil weeping out of the filler pipe on the valve cover of my 2000 R1100RT. I am nowhere near a BMW dealership. I will have to get a replacement for the o-ring that seals this part against the valve cover at an auto parts store. I looked up the part on MaxBMW.com's parts fiche. The BMW part # is 11 14 1 340 901. But it doesn't say what size it is.


Can anyone tell me the diameter and thickness of this o-ring? Also, if there is a general automotive brand known for handling high heat I'd like to know that also as I believe it is the heat of the valve cover that deteriorates this o-ring (from what I've been reading last night and today).


Thanks in advance.

Don Kramber

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There are two O-rings that seal the oil fill there. One on the cap and another on the plastic sleeve the cap fits into. As a temporary fix (maybe), try taking the O-ring off the cap and flipping it over.


Take the O-ring into a NAPA or Carquest type of place, not the standard retail auto parts store and show them the O-ring. They probably have a box of a variety of sizes and might have a replacement of the same size.


The O-ring for the cap, from the Max BMW Fiche:

11 14 1 340 902 O-RING - 18X4 (that's mm not inch)


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It's a #214 o-ring. If you can get one made of viton, do it.


Edit to add: I have a bag full of them in the garage. Can I mail one to you somewhere along the way? Donate $5 to your favorite charity and I'll get it in the mail today.

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