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Need front and rear shocks for 96 R1100RS


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I need to send both my front and rear Ohlubs in for reconditioning due to leakage, and am wanting to continue to ride without any downtime during the summertime.


Also, anyone have any idea what is Ohlinscrate to recondition a front and rear for that bike? I'm going to eventually call them, but am afraid of what it's going to cost😬..


Thanks much,


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I ran into the same situation a couple of years ago. I only needed a front suspender though. I got a used one from a place in Long Beach, Ca, which is near where I live called the Parts Haus. Beemer Boneyard also comes to mind.

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For rebuild of the Ohlins, contact Ted Porter at beemershop.com and get an estimate. He handles Ohlins, Wilbers and others. He is just down the coast in Scotts Valley, CA.

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I have had both front and rear Öhlins rebuilt. The rear shock went too long between servicing, and the bore of the body was badly scored, so it cost more than the front because of extra parts.


Öhlins recommends ~20,000 miles/30,000 km, but I suspect the real answer is "it depends" on where/how you ride. 40,000 miles of smooth highway is probably less wear and tear than 20,000 miles of New England back roads, or riding the Alaska Highway.


Öhlins Shock Absorber Rebuild Review

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I called Ted. he was very informative to talk with and very nice. Since I just acquired this bike, I don't know how long they have gone in the shape their in, so it could be very costly. Guess I wont know until I send them off ans wait to hear back.


I was hoping to find some serviceable OEM shocks or something for cheap to keep me from having to cancel a trip that I have planned.


Thanks for all the replys. This site is a awesome resource for a newb like me.

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