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Will 04 R1150R shocks work on my 96 R1100RS?


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Looking at the fische foe these two models it appears that the suspension pieces from the 04 R1150R are different. You can check this out by going to maxbmwmotorcycles.com and look at the parts microfische for each model the part numbers are different. Also, the rear shock of the 1150R has a remote preload adjuster.

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Looking at the parts microfiche for the two bikes it appears that the front shock from the 04 might work although the part numbers are different. However, the rear shocks appear to have different bottom mounting attachments, one uses a clevis attachment on the shock and the other has a through bolt type (don't know the proper term). Anyway they are different. Go to either bobsbmw.com or maxbmwmotorcycles.com and look.

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