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Blackstone Labs oil report for July, '17


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Back in the d(ark ages)ay, David Baker used to post results from his bike after sending to Blackstone., as did several others.

General consensus that good oil and filter, following recommended intervals, showed a pretty good margin, which led to extended intervals for "testing" and some pretty good results.

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I remember those reports well.


After David posted the 9,000 mile report showing the oil was still good, several members posted the "I don't care, my dad changed every 3,000 and I will too" type of responses, or words to that effect. Then there were those that used synthetic oil and still changed every 3K. :dopeslap:


Of course that brought up the Fram filters are junk and will ruin your engine idea.


With hundreds of millions of Fram filters sold each year, I often wondered why we didn't see vehicles dead on the side of the road every day and a large class action lawsuit against Fram. :rofl:


Oil is like a religion, you either believe or you don't. :wave:


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I have had one Blackstone Labs analysis done on this RT. Just wanted to see how the Shell T-6 was doing. I only went 4500 miles as I was getting ready for a trip. The report showed below average contamination from wear materials and dirt. The TBN, which is optional, showed I was no where even near the oils life cycle. Since it is under warranty I will change at no further than 6000 miles. After that I may still change then, but if on a trip that puts that out to 8000 miles I won't have a second thought about it. That is what the oil analysis does, separates fiction from fact and gives confidence to extend drain interval.


I have a customer with a 2003 model DL 1000. 426,000 miles on it. Most all were with a Fram oil filter and a K&N air filter. He changed oil at 7,000-10,000 mile intervals depending on how trips worked out. Oil analysis was done occasionally by Blackstone which is how he justified the oil change interval.

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