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Front brake rotor bobbin replacement question


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I'm going to replace the front brake rotor Bobbins on my 96 R1100RS with the new Bobbins I purchased from Dan Cata this week. I am wondering if they can be teplacevwhile still mounted to wheel and on bike or if I have to remove the rotors?



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You'll find that the job is much easier and actually faster with the wheel removed. The rotor stays in place as you remove and replace the bobbins one at a time.

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You can, though, as eddd implied, do the job with the wheel in place...I did once...but in retrospect it was silly to do it that way.

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Much easier to do the replacement removing the rotors. I've done the Cata bobbin kit. Pull the wheel, use some heat on the screws holding the carriers to the wheel. Use a well fitting socket on the screws. The screws might be hex head or might be torx, depends on model year.

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