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Figured out an how to keep accessory powered with engine not running

Paul De

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Sometimes I like to use the radio/usb when working on the bike, like drying after washing, but I've found it irritating that the computer would decide after a few minutes to shut the bike down.


So the other day while doing a change of engine and rear drive oils I had the bike radio on with the kill switch in the off position and found that the computer did not shut itself down and left the radio running. It must have run for about 40 min total and it never shut down. I'm guess that if the battery voltage dropped too far eventually the computer would shut down the bike.


Don't think the OM ever mentioned that trick.

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Updating on one idiosyncrasy of this mock accessory on mode trick. First to be clear the trick to overide the auto shut down sequence is for keyless ride bikes.


If the bike was running and you use the kill switch to stop the motor, then the computer will shut down the bike in a few minutes anyway. To get the accessory on mode you need to have the kill switch to off before powering up the bike with the main switch, then it will not shut down until you manually turn off the main switch.


While the bike is in this mock accessory on mode, the Angel Eye led driving lights and led tail light are powered as well, but I'm guessing their power draw is minimal and you could leave the radio running for quite a while before worrying about a drained battery not starting the bike

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I am old enough to remember the days when starting a vehicle was an iffy proposition even with a full strength battery, maybe partly because I grew up where it gets cold in the winter (Alaska). Jumper cables (and chains) were standard equipment. Anyway, consequently, I never like to run anything off batteries when the engine is not running.

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Haha. I was so upset when the kick starter was eliminated from street bikes because I was sure the electrical systems were not reliable enough on a motorcycle. I was wrong.

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Yeah, me too! I always shut everything down as soon as I can, and Paul, I also miss the kickstart! :) In those days my bikes (Triumphs and a Norton) were very well tuned and it rarely took more than the single kick to start them from cold. That Norton ('63 Dominator 650 SS) had a magneto ignition for better performance at high speed, but still start on the first kick. Oh yeah, that Norton is my avatar!!

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