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At a crossroad,

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Leaving tomorrow for a multi-week trip to Colorado. Taking my F 700 GS as it hasn't sold and I can get it and my buddy's F 700 GS on the trailer I bought for the hack. Not room enough for the hack and another bike. I rode it some this last week and forgot just how much I liked riding this nimble bike.


When I get back home, I will need to decide if I want to keep the hack or give the F 700 GS, away as the used market for those bikes seems to be nil. Gonna be a hard decision as I still get a smile on my face every time I ride the hack. I'm not keeping them both.


Gonna be an interesting experience all the way round. Grew up in Colorado. Have ridden there many times on motorcycles, jeeps, ATV's etc. Never get tired of going there.


If you know anyone in Ouray, warn them, we are going to be there. :grin:

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Too bad you won't be going a couple weeks later. A friend and I will be there 8/13-8/17 for my Bucket III ride. :wave: Have a great time and get a filet at the Outlaw. :grin: Last time there the homemade key lime pie was also GREAT! :thumbsup: If they still serve the red beer at the Ouray Brewery, try it.

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It is up the street on the other side on a corner. Go up to third floor outdoor seating and have a brew and sandwich while you overlook main street.

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Bud, I think you may be going the wrong way if you're at the Crossroads. :grin: Have fun out there, it's magical as you already know! :thumbsup:





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Ah...so it will take you there! ;) See, now that's why you're the roadscholar and I just listen. Sometimes not so good, but I try! :grin:




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Quick story, bookends. I was in LA in the summer of '68 and somebody had tickets for Cream at the Hollywood Bowl and couldn't go so they gave me theirs. Crossroads lasted maybe 20 minutes, crazy show..


Fast forward to a few years ago, I was leaving a regular lunch spot and glanced down at the local entertainment rag in the stand. Picture of Eric on the cover, I did a double take it said he was playing in Jax that night. I think Jeez why didn't I know that, but the reality is I probably wouldn't of paid what tickets cost nowdays anyway.


2 hours later out of the blue I got a call from an old girlfriend in Daytona, she says 'I've got a couple Clapton tickets for tonight wanna go?' :grin:




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2 hours later out of the blue I got a call from an old girlfriend in Daytona, she says 'I've got a couple Clapton tickets for tonight wanna go?' :grin:

Hey now! :dance::thumbsup:



This big guy is quite the blues aficionado and on this road trip we were going to make our way down to the Crossroads. Unfortunately his custom hog had other ideas, we never made it but he got to perform (karaoke) at a nightclub in Front Royal. It was fun! :thumbsup:




Dave the singing firefighter






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On way back from Colorado. Loving the lean. Keeping the GS. Bye bye hCk.


That was quick!


(And they will lean on right turns if you're careful - also I guess if you're not careful!)



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Here is a copy of a post on ADV. Several posters had commented on choosing one bike and not keeping two.


"August 19th Nancy and I will celebrate 50 years of marriage. We have been retired for 15 years. Motorcycles are MY passion


She doesn't ride. We travel extensively. I choose to have one bike. She doesn't care one way or another.


She has repeatedly encouraged me to ride even when treatments made me feel unable to do so. She has been my strongest supporter and friend.


I'm the luckiest SOB on this forum to have her as my wife.






It ended up that I enjoyed "riding" on two wheels more than "driving" on 3. :thumbsup:

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