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Headlight bulb replacement

Rex R

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In my owner's manual, the procedures for replacing the high beam and parking light bulbs include the steps to remove and replace the speakers. However, the procedure for replacing the low beam bulb is curiously silent as to how to access the bulb cover.


Is it accessed thru the speaker area, also?

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Check this thread . It can be easy, or otherwise. If you're good/lucky, you can stand in front of the bike, reach up from under the headlight, remove and replace the low beam bulb.

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Search this forum for LED low and high beams.

I have done it and so has Terry (Realshelby).

We are both very impressed with the results.

The easiest way (by far) is to remove the whole headlight assembly.

I used the LED lamps that have the braided cooling element. So when these have been fanned out they (along with the ballast unit) tuck away under the removable screw cap.

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