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MaxBMW Garage/How to videos

Rex R

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Five years ago, Max posted several videos on maintenance/repair tasks on the R1200. Unfortunately, they have not updated them to include the latest generation. How much have the following procedures changed? Are the videos)applicable to the current crop of 1200s (with some modifications)? Or are they completely worthless if you have a newer model?


the videos to which I am referring include:

-removing/replacing the body panels

-headlight bulb replacement

-air filter replacement

-rear wheel removal


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I have several of Jim's videos for oilheads and hexheads. And they're pretty good, although IMHO lacking in some areas.


Just like I prefer to have the benefit of different pictures and descriptions in Clymer, Haynes and BMW's, I'd like to know if the five-year old 1200s are sufficiently similar to derive a benefit from watching/following them. Or would they would they just lead me down the rabbit hole by following instructions for a camhead?


Perhaps I should mention that the Max videos about which I am asking are posted on Youtube under MaxBMW Garage



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The new Wetheads are SO different from the Camheads and Hexheads that I would think there is no particularly useful information that can be transferred between these machines. It's like comparing chalk and cheese.

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Check youtube. I have watched videos on checking the valve clearance and final drive services there for the 1200 WC motor.

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