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Hello all. I have been a "lurker" for quite a while, but I get the impression that this is where I want to register and drop anchor.

I have a 2008 Hexhead that I bought last year from my favorite dealer Morton's in Fredericksburg VA. My a third BMW. First was a 67 R50 (yeah Earles Forks). My next was a K1200LT. In between I had Harley' when wife and I toured but they got too heavy. I live on a Nuclear Heated Lake (Lake Anna) a little north of Richmond. I just did e 24k service with your excellent help in the Maintenance Section. Too much about me. I look forward to your "wisdom" in each post.

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Other than the night glow, :grin: Lake Anna looks like a great place to be a motorcyclist! :thumbsup:


Welcome to the club!



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Welcome OleJarhead, good to have you here. If you are not busy and need to pass burn some gas please join as we FART late September.



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Hey Jarhead, welcome from an old Squid! Look at this thread for the Fall Appalachian Riding Tour (FART) it is not far from you, you will meet lots of great people from the forum there.

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Shiny Side Up

Welcome my man - ask questions and post what you know!

We can all learn something new every day.

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I've camped on Lake Anna several times. Used to take my kids there back in the day when they were young and we lived in Maryland. The last time I camped there was on my bike in the fall about 3 years ago. Cold snap left me very uncomfortable at about 20F. Went out to the mountains and found warmer weather.


There used to be a group of us that would meet up for donuts and coffee. I've been thinking of starting it back up again since the fella that started that is no longer riding. Look for it in the Ride Planning section. It's usually a Sat or Sun morning.


Welcome to the Board.

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