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Hello everyone,

I bought a compatible phone mount for my R1100RS and came up frustrated. Does anyone have a manufacturer or part name/number they can share with me. I'm new to the area and need my gps. It's horrible pulling over to check my phone every three turns. I'm directionally challenged.


I've checked so called solutions on ebay and amazon and the pictures they provide aren't even for the RS. Bought one and it wound up not working. I think I need something specific to our bikes...not sure but I'm done throwing away money.





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The best mount I have used for a phone is the universal X-Mount from RAM.




They now include a tether which I've never needed for regular (on road) use.


All you need is a place to mount a ram ball and some form of arm. Since the handlebars don't provide a lot of options, you could look at a gas tank mount or something like this on the upper plate of your suspension.


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