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Any experience with Garmin Varia?

Hank R1200RT

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Hank R1200RT

So, I was looking at Garmins website today and came across this:




Basically it is a combination of radar (rearward facing) and tail light which alerts you when a vehicle is approaching from the rear. I normally don't worry too much about that, as a twitchy right hand seems to deal with the possibility. But there is one point in my commute where I am stopped at the end of a short-ish offramp for a fairly long light. I have noticed that my attention is reduced once I am off the freeway and waiting. More than once, I'll check my rearview mirror and see that a car is behind me that I didn't notice.


Given the prevalence of distracted drivers, I am wondering if this unit makes sense. $300 is a lot to spend for this. OTOH I have actually been hit by a car from behind and have the permanently deformed skull to prove it. I also know a lady rider who had to move to a CanAm following months of rehab after being hit in traffic on the San Diego Freeway. So if you only use it once it has paid for itself.


It would be nice if it integrated with the BMW Nav Garmins, but this is targeted to bicyclists. And the ANT+ protocol does not talk to iPhones.



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While I don't have any experience with this device in particular, I would imagine it could be very handy. I would hope the range is sufficient to warn you. The limitations of course would be line of sight. Around a turn on the off-ramp might not be adequate warning. As far as ant+, Garmin did make an iPhone adapter for another $50. Good luck and keep us posted if you decide to take the plunge.

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Shiny Side Up

That's one of my big "concerns" - getting rear ended by some driver on their phone or just not paying attention.

I always leave an escape route when slowing or stopping in traffic, etc and keep an eye on any vehicle approaching from the rear.

This thing - if it works... yeah, I'd be interested - a lot!!

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