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1100RT exaust system


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Hi The muffler on the 1100RT is chrome but what about the headers are they chrome as well or stainless steel?

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I believe its all stainless. The Silencer is chromed. Not sure about the headers. I thought they were.

However, the headers are a different grade (4** series) Stainless to the Silencer (3** series).

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It's just that I have a Autosol Bluing Remover that is for stainless steel but says do not use on Chrome. :dontknow:

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Consensus is you can't really get rid of that bluing. Even if you get the headers shiny it will come right back. I suggest enjoying the colorful fruit of a well ridden engine, and being thankful yours is blue tinted. Some of us get and an ugly rust colored finish instead.






You CAN have them coated, but that's expensive - much cheaper just to not look at them! ;)



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