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Hit Air Vest


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Good Day! I am considering buying a Hit Air Vest and wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this product.


thanks, Dan

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No"practical"experience",but i wear one.

It is comfortable and unobtrusive.

Hope I never have to "use"it.


Try coupon code PROGRESSIVE at the website safermoto,com,seems to net a fair discount



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I just purchased a Helite vest and I see it as inexpensive insurance. It does deter the airflow a bit with my summer jacket, but it's worth it for the added safety. Otherwise it's very comfortable to wear.

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I also wear a Helite. Here's my test of it


It's a bit stifling in the summer months if wearing a heavier summer jacket, such as my Motoport. Also, I noticed after this video was made that the velcro strips up the side can completely tear up a soft helmet underlining, such as what Arai typically uses. Otherwise, it's a solid product.



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