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Air Hawks or Something to Tide Me Over


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I'm planning on a trip in mid-September and after doing a relatively short trip a couple of days back- there is no way I could handle to stock seat for a 3-4k ride. I am going to go with the Russell Day Long seat, but they're booking into late September. The guy at Russell recommended possibly using the Air Hawk, then re-selling it at after getting my seat done. Will the Air Hawk do the trick? Any other ideas...someone previously mentioned a special type of short, perhaps. Would love to hear. Thanks.

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Are you sure you want a Russel? There are other seat makers, maybe one of them could make your deadline. Laam and Sargent off the top of my head.


There's plenty of demand for Airhawks. I'm sure you could easily sell a used one here, CL, eBay. I have one I use on another bike. I find it awkward as it pushes me up out of the support zone from behind. But there are thousands of people who love them, so I'm in the minority there.



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I'm prolly not telling you anything new, but I find it helps to spend some time in the saddle leading up to the big trip. Just get your butt into shape. Nothing worse than heading off on a long trip cold.


Maybe you could borrow or rent Scott's airhawk? I've got a shearling hide that the dog sleeps on sometimes. I'll send you that to try (borrow), if you want. There are no straps, so you'd have to bungee it on or something.


One thing about seats - a softer seat does not make a more comfortable seat. My bicycle seat is hard and very comfy. I've got a Rich's seat on my beemer, it's quite firm, and iv'e never looked back.

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I agree with Pat. LD comfort shorts and a sheepskin pad allowed me to do 500 mile days until my Russell was done.

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Evening RT5....Personally I think the Russell will be worth the wait. There are several of us who can send you pictures if you want to see what they look like on the new RT.


Here is an alternative to the airhawk at about half the price. I think it works pretty darn good. I would loan you mine, but I loaned it out already and it didn't come back. It's basically a gel pad in the shape of your seat with a sheepskin over it.




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I used an Airhawk 2 while waiting on an aftermarket seat and was very pleased. Rode with it from NW Florida to a FART event at Dillard, Georgia, through the twisties for several days, and back home. No issues with comfort or stability. That was my second trip on the bike. The first trip I stopped at every rest stop on the interstate to get relief from the bare stock seat.

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I have just tested out Skywagon's sheepskin seat cover (Hi Skywagon... just arrived back in Houston - thanks again for the loan!)riding around Houston today... It feels VERY comfy and surprisingly cool. I have a longer trip coming up and will report my findings...



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I've tried most every seat out there and the best one for me Is the Kontour. I like to do long mile days and it works. I do believe the RDL is over rated.


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I do believe the RDL is over rated.

I thought the same until I had one on my now gone 1600-GT. Honest truth about it, yeah around town what's the big deal, or maybe, it even had an awkward feel sitting on it.

After 3 hours into a 17 hour day, it all starts to make sense though. :thumbsup: Everything on my body was done except my arse! :read: (not a swear if you say it with a British accent) :grin:

The look, wings in particular or its tractor seat styling is an all day debatable issue for some. :cuz::ohboy:



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