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TG R1150RT

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TG R1150RT

Hello Beloved Riders:


I am looking forward to accessorize my beautiful bmw r1150rt with a pair of very bright lights to make my bike more visible! Please know that these are the lights I would like to install upfront (i.e. Ztechnik engine guard, forks etc.) I would appreciate any recommendation you have may have: easy install, long lasting lights, very reasonably priced, super bright, takes less energy etc.


Please advise!


Thank you!



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Moshe did a couple of reviews on lighting and believe he said to be careful, you could polk an eye out with these things! :grin:




The reasonably priced part may be a gotcha though.



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I've got the Clearwater Darlas on my. Quite happy with them. I also got the orange filters for running during the day. Ericas are great but super expensive. The fit nicely on my Wunderlich crashbar.

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Very happy with these.


The optional wiring harness is well made as well, but I did have to shorten it quite a bit for my GS. I put 3 yrears and 25k miles on another bike without a failure of these lights.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

The ebay Hella Micro DE Fog chinese knockoffs appear to have the same pattern as the DEs I've had for about 7 years. Only one bulb burnt out. Because they're projector, they've got excellent cut off. No glare to oncoming, but make me conspicuous. Good road illumination as well.

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I had a set of the Advmonster lights on my last rt. Great lights for the price.


I have a set of Darlas on my GS and they are fantastic. The integration with the bike through the wunder wheel is great. The Clearwater lights are definitely top of the line.

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Jeff in VA

I have Clearwater Darlas and Kristas on my GS. The lights are superb quality and the wonder wheel integration is great. The downside is that they are very pricey. if you don’t mind the cost, they can’t be beat.

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I installed a set of these LED conspicuity lights on my wife's F800ST as we didn't need driving lights. We are quite happy with them.


Their price point was better than LED systems at the time (~4 years ago) but since then there are many great driving light options at a similar price point.



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Honestly, no point in spending huge money for Clearwaters on an Oilhead. The whole point of those lights - fantastic as they are - is integration into the CANbus system and total control via OEM switchgear (wonderwheel in particular.) If all you need is bright LEDs and an on/off switch, you can do the job for much less. That said, obviously, I am a huge fan of Clearwater if you do have a newer edition bike that can take advantage of them.



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