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Torque Wrench Toolset

TG R1150RT

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I am new to my 2004 bmw R1150RT. Can anyone recommend some good toolset to work on our RTs? Perhaps an electric power tool with torque measurements (metric?). Sets that have extensions to reach out tight corners and far places. A set that will be all I need to tweak around the bike! I do have the toolset that came with the bike but it doesnt include torque wrenches or measurements either! Where can i get a good deal?


Thanks a lot!!!!!

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You can spend a fortune on S-K, Craftsman, and other top name items. If your budget is tight, I would suggest either Harbor Freight or Northern Tool, both of which sell sockets and wrenches in sets. Northern also has some odd size wrenches and Harbor Freight it seems always has torque wrenches on sale. I have 3 torque wrenches of different scales. I seldom use the inch-pound one, however, but the other two are regularly used.


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