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What would you do?


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Traded for a 2004 RTP in 2010. Finished out getting the correct civilian tupperware on it and painted grey. Then I found out the bike had a bad title. Off and on since then I have grabbed all the work I could. Then two years ago health issues came and I couldn't change out the upper frame with a good one I bought. It ran a year ago. I can't bring myself to part it out. (the 04 RTP has the Adventure gear box. A slow first and sixth gear along with a slower geared final drive). I don't want to break it. What would you do, or how would you price it?



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You state that it has a bad title. Do you mean that it has a salvage title? Or, that the bike was stolen?


If it is a salvage title, then the bike was designated to be parted out. Some people will find a new frame with a valid title and reframe the bike. But, that is a lot of work.

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'04's w/good titles are selling for low prices.


You don't mention mileage, but an RTP, w/salvage title and hybridization doesn't have a lot of value unless...


you part it out, or find someone who needs a lot of it and will take it as is, use it for their needs.


$et a low price and eventually it will sting less.

Best wishes.

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The black section is what constitutes an R1150RT for registration purposes. Everything else is just parts with no connection to the VIN.


If you have a clear title for the bike that used to be attached to this you could move all the components from a non-titled/stolen/salvaged bike to this and have something that could be registered or sold as a bike with a clear title.


It is possible that the value of the reconstituted bike would have been worth the effort when the bikes were new enough, but in any case that is a lot of work!

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I have a good frame and title to change out the bad title. I'd throw that in the deal. You only need to change out the upper frame to change the serial number. I have been off work for two years with A-fib. Between low energy and depression I haven't touched the bike. Thought maybe someone might be interested it in it as a project bike.


The bad title was caused by it being plated in Georgia which requires a bill of sale and a title transfer of which previous owners couldn't or wouldn't provide.

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