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drive shaft splines


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I have a 2015 rt with about 10,000 miles I have changed engine oil and final drive oil three times so far.. Are the splines lubed with the oil or do I have to take parts off and grease the splines?

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The splines are not lubed by final drive oil. You do not HAVE to grease them......but I may pull mine apart at 50K or so and inspect/grease everything in there.

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I would pull the rear spline apart for inspection and lube every time you change the final drive oil (12k miles). It only takes a little more time and a well lubed spline is a happy spline!

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I would recommend greasing the rear splines sometime when the bike is still relatively new. The splines seem to come from the factory often with no or minimal grease on them.

If any moisture makes its way into the driveshaft housing, the splines can develop nasty corrosion very quickly.


And on these WC bikes (RT and GS) water does seem to get into the swing arm more easily than in the hex/camhead bikes.


On the ADV Rider there are lot of stories about badly rusted/corroded/worn driveshafts. The swing arm rubber boots don't seem to seal very reliably and water can easily get into the swing arm, either during a rain or when washing the bike.


BMW has recently made two changes to address this issues.

1) the rear rubber boot now has a stiffener ring that supposedly keeps it from rubbing against the driveshaft (puts a hole on the boot and lets water in)

2) the drive shaft is now painted to keep it from rusting when water does get in there. That still doesn't protect the splines.



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