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1150RT-P and RT's oil cooler fans

SJ David

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Ok guys, I have a 2002 1150RTP, and with my engine rebuild I went thru my bike and found and repaired everything I could while it was apart.


One thing I found was that my oil cooler fan was inop, it was totally froze up. Well I found a fan and motor that fit the RTP oil cooler housing, it is a direct drop in replacement (except for a little trimming on the plastic fan blades).




JCMOTO Radiator Cooling Fan for ATV Go Kart Buggy 200cc-250cc Cooler


It was only $20.00 and moves alot of air, and designed as a radiator fan so it can take the heat. Also alot cheaper than the $350-$400 everyone else wants for a replacement fan.


David M.

San Jose,CA

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But why bother? the bike should not be left stationary with the engine on anyway. The bike doesn't need an oil cooler fan (as long as the fan mounting shroud is removed).

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My R1100RT Civilian could use a fan in certain situations.

I got to a large Church and for big events I volenteer to monitor the parking lot so I'm creeping along for several hours.

When the temp gets to the top of the display I take off down the road up and back to cool things off.

A fan would be good. I bet I could make my own bracket up to mount one of these.

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I live in the northeast of the US. Sometimes, not often, I will get stuck in a huge traffic jam with stop and go traffic for up to 1 hour. That is why I installed a cooling fan on my bike. Seldom use it but when it's needed it gives piece of mind.

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With the mid 90s temps and the roadworks on 290 bringing it to a crawl for miles , a fan would be good .

thanks mark

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Brining a slightly old thread back to life, but who else has added the fan? I did to mine- still working on the wiring or it, because back in CO on the highway, 95 degree heat and then you get stuck in construction or a traffic jam and the cooler doesn't get the air flow on it, well, lets just say it wasn't fun watching the temp gauge by any means.

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