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GIVI top case with brake lights installation

Rex R

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Anyone install one of these? I called the manufacturer for my pre-purchase due diligence. They informed me that their brake light kits provide one-step connectors. (meaning that after you install the brake light kit, the action of securing the top case to the base plate also makes the electrical connection.)


HOWEVER, these do NOT work with the 1200RTW because the Givi mounting plate blocks the location where they install the connector on all their top cases.


(I'll save my rant about why Givi couldn't just design their RTW base plate to accommodate the pre-exsiting design of their top cases for my next trip to my local watering hole.) :dopeslap::beer:


Has anyone installed a monokey topcase, with brake light kit? How did you wire it? I was thinking of installing a round connector (something like this: (linky) on the bike, drilling a small hole in the bottom of the case, and putting the mating connector on the end of a short harness that gives several inches of play to make the connection (probably long enough for a drip loop,tho).



do this already?

have a better suggestion?

can recommend a weathertite connector with a weathertite cap/cover for those occasions when I am riding without the topcase

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I have the Givi V47 top case with the aluminum baseplate that looks like it came from BMW, it looks that nice, but no hole for where the plug would fit to make a connection.

There is also no room, between the Givi plate and the OEM luggage rack unless you want to drill it all out. My extra brake/tail light is the Billie from Clearwater..

The only way around is to install a plug on the side and connect the brake lights that way.

Hope it helps, YMMV

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I have a Givi V47 on my 2016 RT. I installed the Admore light kit and wired it to the BMW harness under the seat. Tapped into it before the plug. Very tidy if you bring the harness from the Givi box out the back which is in the lid part and then bring it under the sea

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Andrew Harmsworth

Yes I have one of these with the exact same kit made it work buy drilling hole in the alluminuim plate. I had to buy a large hss drill bit. Very much a case of measure 2 cut once but it does all work. My hex ez can turns up next week to make the LED flash...

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I have installed 3 of these AddMore kits in 2 Givi and 1 Shad.


You just bring the connector up to the side from the back seat. If you want to run no top box, disconnect and slip the end under the back seat.



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