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Installing Fuse panel/fuse block

Rex R

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I re-posting my question in this new thread:



To those of you who installed a Centech or a Fuzeblock under the pillion seat (as displayed in the photos below), how did you secure the fuse panel?








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I've used super velcro for components on my old bike, too. And various double sided tapes.


an issue with the Centech is the mounting studs that extend about 1/4" from the back of the unit, greater than the thickness of the velcro. And it has exposed, uninsulated electrical connectors on the back. Not insurmountable obstacles, obviously, as a previous poster installed one in the same location I intend to. But I prefer not re-inventing the wheel.



Who else wants to chime in with their perspectives, experiences and alternatives?? :dontknow:

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