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One more great road losing a bit of it's character...


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Yes, in so far as the closures go this could be in ride and event planning, but that's not the place for this lament. I rode 36 twice this spring and was dismayed to see the canopy of oaks cut back over this stretch of one and half lane hwy. They were such a part of the character of this iconic ride. Now it seems that they are going to realign and widen the section. Sure, it will be safer and faster. Still, I can't help but feel that a little bit of magic is being taken from this world.

CalTrans District 1 Facebook Post - CA 36 Closures


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Missouri Bob

A few years ago, I rode to my home state for a class reunion. I made a point of riding some of the roads that I enjoyed forty years earlier. They had changed so much that I did not recognize some of them.


I suppose that I have made peace with those losses by remembering that I enjoyed them at the time, rather than doing something else, like studying.



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That's been the on-going theme of many of my local roads. They started as small farm-to-market roads, then as the suburbs are built up around them they're widened, re-routed, and have the curves and elevation changes taken out of them. It's much safer for traffic overall, but a bummer me.


There used to be a great road a couple miles from my house that was narrow and winding, with some hills, and running by a couple small farms. I would take a five minute diversion on my way home to ride it, often arriving home with a smile on my face. Last year, the farming area was bought out and construction of a new neighborhood began. Before too much longer, the road was re-routed to a much flatter configuration, with some gentle sweeping turns and a lower speed limit. You could still access the old road, but this spring it was closed.


As we get more people, we get fewer fun roads.

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Road changes affect us on a psycho/emotional level.


Sometimes good, like repaving, gravel clearing.

Or. like your situation, not so good.


Now when they drop the speed limit...


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