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Total Blackout


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2016 RT 2100 miles. Weird thing just happened today. Started the bike ready to head home from work - started just fine but the whole dash blacked out. No Odo, no speedo, no horn , no windshield, no high beams, no nothing, but the bike ran fine and the radio still worked. Got it home and checked the fuses under the seat (having no clue that those fuses had anything to do with the dash). Took em out, they were fine. Put them back and now everything works great. One must have popped out? Love the bike but still figuring it out.



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Ignition on and hit the starter button or did you let the Pre-Ride checks complete before starting?

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Gotta let the boot up before you push the button.


I never wait for mine to pre-check, always key on and press immmediately. Makes no difference.

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not normal...most of the time I let mine power up before hitting the starter, but not all the time...definitely a gremlin. If it happens again I would take it to the shop and at least get a record of it during the warranty period.


I'm still teaching myself to do the same on new car that goes through some crazy process when started before I put it in gear.



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John, I got the opposite. The Xmas Tree. Every warning, caution and fault caption lit up simultaneously.

It had nothing to do with pre-start diagnostics. I got something like "no communication Kombi-CAN" or similar on my GS911. Basically the data stream was interrupted in such a way that the bike thought everything was failing.


Dealer replaced the Kombi (instrument cluster), and away I went.

It's under warranty......Get it checked out :)


John R.

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John R


Thanks for your note.


The service manager at Max suggested I first check the battery cable connections. He's seen this before and that might be the problem as a low voltage issue could blank out the cluster. Lo and behold I checked the battery connections and the negative cable was loose. I installed a pigtail for my heated gear earlier this year and maybe I didn't snug up the connection enough and over time it just loosened up. He said if it wasn't that then he would replace the Kombi. We'll see. Have a long trip planned in a couple of weeks..Its been good so far.....Giddyup!



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We're out on a 2,000 mi ride right now. Today while cruising at 75 mph the instrument panel did a total reboot. Went black, then apparently did a factory reset, because it did the fancy RT thing on the screen (which I had set to off) and the needles did the full sweep, then it started working.


Heated grips had turned off though, and my default menu for the diamond shaped button had changed, and default for center screen and info screen had also changed.


Crossing my fingers I'll never see this again, I'm beyond my warranty.

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In regards to the initial post about the "total blackout", it has happened to me once while coming home from work one day (R1200RT, 2015). I was on a straight flat road and it was near dusk. I noticed something blink head-down on the display. I looked down and then watched the whole display reboot: as if it had just been turned on for the first time! The engine was humming along perfectly and never missed a beat and when the display came back, all of my presets were overwritten with the factory default settings.


Based on where I was when it happened, the bike had been running at least 30 minutes. Before leaving the office, I am certain that it had gone through the complete start-up routine because I will always make sure that the Nav V connects to the Garmin traffic app before choosing my route home. I brought it by a BMW shop a couple of days later and they said there were no fault codes they could find.


I think this happens more frequently than the 1 or 2 posts that I have seen on this forum because I have also seen many folks post questions about why all of their settings disappear. Since this was the only known result I experienced, I'm wondering if this reboot/reset is what has caused others to lose their settings as well.


Since the engine never hiccuped and the only thing I needed to do was to re-enter my presets, I guess this isn't a critical issue. However, I don't think this "feature" is something that BMW should include in the next upgrade.

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Exact thing happened to me this afternoon. FREAKED ME OUT! I was on the freeway twiddling with menu settings when it happened. Display went blank, everything rebooted and reset to defaults. Not cool.

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Just returned from a 4000 mile round trip...no reoccurrence. I am guessing that tightening the battery connections did the trick. Giddyup.




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