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Ram Mount R1150RT


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With my new '04 I am looking for RAM mount places to use. My last few bikes all had tubular handlebars so mounting was a breeze. I do have this:



and I used it to mount my GoPro to a frame location. I put it at the base of the handlebar on the left and made sure not to pinch any wires. The thing I do not like though is that the ball sticks out at an angle and that limits the the direction and angle of the cradle. Let me see what your solutions are. Thanks in advance.

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There might be a RAM ball that will mount in the mirror mounting holes in the handlebar controls, if you don't already have GS mirrors mounted there. It's a little unusual, though, because the holes aren't threaded and go all the way through. The one Mike279 linked might work, if you can find a GS mirror nut that will work. I don't think you can fit a regular hex nut in the hole.


I think you can also use a stem mount, but that's not too useful for a camera, unless you're looking for a view of the rider.

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