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Intermittent fuel leak.


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I have a fuel leak that is frustrating me.


My bike sits for a couple of weeks while I'm away at work. The first start it has started leaking from somewhere behind the Tupperware on the left side above the cat. Shut it off, re-start, it does it again. Decide to use the car to run that errand, come back with time to investigate, and it doesn't do it again. Can't find it.


Any ideas? Is there something in the system other than the lines that might get stuck open and let it leak?


I did put new chrome fuel disconnects on about 2 years ago. I don't recall, but believe I replaced some other outside fuel lines at the same time.




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Evening Mark


Not much to leak on the left hand side??


If it is actually on the R/H side (not the L/H side) then I would suspect the quick disconnect internal "O" rings. (those can act JUST like what you are seeing for an intermittent leak)


If the leak is coming from the L/H side (not just running over to that side because bike is on side stand) then possibly a leak at the fuel line to fuel injector or a fuel tank problem.


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Likely the connection to/around the injector. That would be an easy place to start as its relatively accessible. I would check and clean the connection points to the injector and maybe replace injector o-rings to see if that eliminates the issue.


There is a possibility that your leak might be from the fuel pressure regulator which is difficult to get at so start with the easy check and see if that nails it.

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Look thru the front at the fuel line coming out of the tank. I had a leak from the hose at the fitting. It would leak after sitting a week or so and stop after leaking an ounce or so. Changed the O rings twice as the gas would follow the hose right to the quick connect. Cycle the key on and watch from the front it's on the left side looking in. If not that one, follow the high pressure hose and look as the key is cycled. I theorize my hose got too old and the slight leakage swelled it up enough to not leak for a while. Changing all the hoses at some point is probably your best solution. Mike

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