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Front sag spec?

David R

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I have a new front shock on my 2012 R1200R.


Manual says 5 mm preload on the spring.


This left me with 47mm of riding sag. It already sits higher in the side stand.


I shortened the shock the 2mm and increased the preload to get 41 mm sag with me on the bike. This left the front end a little higher than it was before the shock change (it was at 55mm with stock shock @ 50,000 miles)



I have been changing it seeing the difference, was wondering if anyone knows what BMW says.


The shock manual says if nothing else, use 20-30 free, and 30-40 mm with me on the bike in full gear.


My RT rider's manual said 55 mm.


I was getting 95 mm fork travel before the new shock, now I am getting 110mm. 1/3 of that would be 36mm sag with me on the bike. SO where should I be?


Just to be said, the front shock was so much better, I just ordered the rear one with compression and rebound damping. I accept the rear suggested sag numbers from the shock company and have used them since the bike was new.




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