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E-Bay GPS Speedometer Replacement Report


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As promised, here's a short write-up on the GPS speedo replacement. My bike came with the speedo not working and with the ABS control module removed. Therefore, I have no reasonable options other than a GPS speedometer, a bicycle speedometer, or an off road speedometer. I wanted a clean look so chose the GPS because it doesn't require any wires to be run and replaces the existing speedo.


I ordered one from E-Bay for about US$75 and it was very fast delivery; less than a week.


Installation took about three hours. Most of it was drilling and grinding to make sure the speedo would slide in. I had to also remove the front bezel and lens (didn't need them). Just use a small flat-head screwdriver to pry it off.


Once I dry-fitted everything, I applied some glue. There are three wires; I twisted the orange and red ones together since they're for power and the back light. The other is ground. Found both wires from the existing speedo connections. There's also one larger wire for the GPS antenna.


Works great. Even has a compass. Only complaint is that it takes a few minutes to calibrate and doesn't have the additional wire that keeps the unit powered up when the engine is off to retain the position. The backlight is red and is not changeable.



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Here's a picture of the back. There was one ridge that had to be dremeled out. Other than that I used a drill and pliers.



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