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Recommendations For R90S Tankbag ??


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Going to pick up my "new" R90S this summer and plan on riding it home accross country to the Northwest. Would you help a fellow rider by making a suggestion for a magnetic or non-magnetic tank bag ??

Don't need a super large bag, just something to keep some riding essentials. Something on a narrow plane would be nice. If I do go the magnetic route I will have 3M film applied to the top of the tank.

Thanks in advance from a new member.

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Howdy back at ya.


Nice bike! With a flat-ish tank a nice choice might be this 10-liter bag from RKA. I chose it over the excellent Wolfman bags as it was a bit narrower, yet provides all the room I need, plus expandability.


I also have a small Cortech magnetic bag which really has worked well on my R90. I tied off the front to the steering damper knob and it stays quite secure. If you just need something small, they might have what you are looking for.


Good luck.

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I owned that bag for about 10 years...couldn't wear it out but finally let it go on a bike I traded in...The clear plastic map cover cracked in about year 7. I tried to buy a new one from Richard......but no.....he insisted on sending it to me for free as a warranty item. Good company good products great service.

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Agree on the RKA product. The good thing is, they make them in many sizes to suit most riders needs. Go with the magnetic, it's just easier .


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Sent you a PM on a couple tankbags I have.

One RKA,one RevPak

Click on flashing red envelope link towards top of page.



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Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Since the top of the tank is going to need a small bit of plastic surgery (repair painting to be completed by Craig of Paintworks, in Loves Park, IL).

Even if I decide not to go with a magnetic tank bag I will have Craig apply some 3M Protective Film on top of the tank.

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