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Bell Revolver Evo helmet comments


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I'm putting this here because its not a full product review, just a few comments.


The Bell Revolver Evo is Bell's Modular helmet and is near the bottom of their range at ~$200


I searched quite a bit before I bought the Evo. I'm a Bell fan, have used their auto racing helmets nearly exclusively. I've been wanting to join the Modular revolution too. Figured I should at least experience it.


I didn't find a lot of comments from Evo owners, just comments from spectators or people who tried them on (or paid reviewers)


I've found the Evo very round, much more round than other Bell helmets.

I bought an XL. I tried it on and wandered around the store and it mostly fit and I felt it would break in ok.


It didn't. What I found after riding about an hour was that it was holding my lower jaw in an unnatural position which caused me a variety of aches. It was a combination of the large hump at the base of my neck and the cheek pads.


It was honestly so bad that I removed the liner while at my destination for the ride home. Since it was ok that way on my jaw, I knew I could make it work.


I picked up the thinner 35mm cheek pads (standard on the XXL) and XXL liner and that made it fit much better. I now think it will break in ok. And if it doesn't, I will end up shaving/trimming the hump at the back a bit (you can't just remove it because that's where the lower snaps are that hold the liner in place.)


The liners are interchangeable between the two shell sizes (xs/sm are one shell and m/l/x/xxl are the other).


In general, its loud and feels very plasticy/cheap/fragile. But what do you want for $200?


I've always worn Shoei motorcycle helmets and I'm sure I'd be much happier with a Neotec - but the budget doesn't tolerate that right now.



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Scott, I bought one of the then new Bell Star helmets (2016 model). Really liked the propaganda about the face shield and that it was fog free. They were offering a photochromatic shield that I wanted also. These are $600 range helmets.


By far the worst helmet I have ever owned! The cheap plastic feel you describe is not limited to the Revolver!. I had to make repairs to the liner as it came loose in two places. So tight at the bottom I had to modify the pads so I could get it on and off. Felt ok when on, but very poor design considering you have to remove these things occasionally. The promised photochromatic shield I put a deposit on.....still isn't available. I canceled that, bought an Arai, and the Bell is on the shelf. The face shield was fog resistant, but the last time I had it in rain it seemed that property was not nearly as good as when new. I had a Bell TourStar decades ago and loved it. Wanted to like this one.

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Jeremiah wears a revolver and it's held up reasonably well to him (he is eight and not easy on things). We got it online for $100 and I think it was about the right price for what it is, and it fits his head well. He will move up to something nicer for his next lid.

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