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Kudos to Sena customer service


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The headphone jack in my Sena 20s helmet clamp broke and I lost the right channel. I emailed their customer service on Wednesday. On Thursday I had a reply, we exchanged few emails. I had no receipt and the unit is about 2 yrs old. They agreed to send a new helmet clamp. It arrived today along with new speakers and all the bits necessary to install it on my helmet. No hassles, no issues, just friendly, prompt customer service.

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I wish they would be as responsive for the battery failure on my 20S. 2 years old and it doesn't last 100 miles. I have to use an external battery. Other than the battery issue, it's a terrific piece of gear.

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I continue to wonder why they won't sell me a battery for my SMH10. I have got nothing from them but BS as to why they can't.

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