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Latest and Greatest Stereo Earbuds


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So I just got a new set of stereo earbuds from Big Ear and these things are amazing! They are the first on the market that allow you to switch between a short cord, long cord, and a bluetooth cord. I have just taken some rides and hooked into my Sena 20S I can't believe the difference. I run XM music through a Garmin 665 in the past had the Garmin at full max, the 20S at full, plus had the audio booster on... and even then I would have preferred it louder during those times I'm totally in the groove flyer through back road corners. Now with these I have boost turned off, the Garmin at about 60%, and the Sena at about 40% volume. Plus they have noise canceling so the white noise of the road is way down.

Love Them!!!

I did a quick video breakdown...


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Thanks for the video. What does this system cost? Is the Bluetooth sound quality as good as hard wired to Sean?



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Just curious about any interference or discomfort between your glasses temples and the cord looping over the top behind your ear. I have steered away from that type of earbud for fear of too much pressure where the frame temples, cord, and helmet coincide. Now you've got me thinking it might be okay. Thanks for the video!

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I have the big ear earphones also. The wire drops straight down so you do not loop it over your ears.The driver type used for these earphones are not cheap.


They have these earphone up to ultra high end drivers for use as stage monitors for musicians.with an amazingly high price tag.


The fit is nice and tight under my arai helmet and I can easily wear them all day.

It may seem expensive at first look, but for me I wasted time and money on other alternatives only to be disappointed until I got these. Been using them for 8 years now. You need to keep them clean or the filter will plug up. I had to send mine in to clean once.


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