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maiden voyage on my RT


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Last weekend I took a trip from ATL to NSH (about 3.5 hrs). This was the first real trip I've taken on my RT. I commute on it daily, but that is stop and go but mostly stop. I really fell in love with the RT last weekend. Covering vast miles at a high rate of speed is what the RT is designed for and boy does it do that job well. Although I was on the highway for a large part of my trip the bike performed beautifully. I'm sure most of you here already know this, but my eyes have been opened.

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Just wait till you are able to get somewhere like the Cherohala Skyway, BRP or any of the numerous back roads of America. When the RT can stretch its legs you will be even more amazed.




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Wayne Johnson

Just returned from a road Trip to rt291 in West Virgina from Connecticut came up through central Pa on the return trip 1300 miles in three days. Still need to find a better seat!!

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