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Laminar Lip?


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My experience on the GT was favorable.

Before installing, I set up a bench in front of bike, nose high, with a strong fan.

Then put tell tales on screen, moved LL to various positions.

Interesting to see the effect of a slight position change.

Figured out what worked best wrt what I wanted, set the buttons and enjoyed the change.


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I very much liked the performance of the Laminar Lip that I had on my departed 2003 K1200GT and the one I had on my departed 2008 K1200GT.

Very effective, without having to put a HUGE screen on the bike.


Same goes for my departed 2014 RT LC.

Although, on the RT I thought LL offered a recycled 2013 RT Lip at the time. Could be wrong. It didn't fit very well, but still worked just fine.


They look a bit "tacked on".. because they are.

Oh well...

Pretty is as pretty does.

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