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Can anyone identify this GPS Mount?


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Greetings! I bought this bike used a few years ago, and it had a Garmin 550 installed that never worked. I recently purchased a new Zuomo 395, but the holes on the mount do not line up with the holes on the existing mount from the 550. Can anyone take a look at this and see if you can recognize the manufacturer of the mount so I can contact them about getting the correct parts for the new GPS?




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That looks to me like the base for BMW's mount for one of the Navigator family. I'm surprised the holes don't line up. It should be Garmin compatible, and pretty much everybody uses the standard AMPS hole pattern. Are you sure you've got the new mount in the right orientation?

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But it goes to the bmw cradle, not a garmin mount.

There's a diff.


The BMW GPSs are Garmin GPSs. There's not that much of a diff. For example, I had an F800GT service loaner last year that had a BMW mount on it. My Zumo 660 snapped right into it and worked fine. I'd be really, really surprised if the hole pattern for the mounts was different.

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Maybe to clarify for some future reader...


uhhh, one thing.... that mount does look like a Garmin base but there is another piece of hardware not shown here.


The part that the GPS itself actually clips onto mounts onto that base.

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