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Front shock

David R

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I ordered a new ohlins BM709 front shock for my 2012 R1200R


The shock fits up to 2010 according to Ohlins website. I looked at BMW part numbers they are the same.


Did I buy the right one?


50,000 miles and no problems except fuel strip.



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I had a 2005 1200rt and now have a 2011 1200rt and I can tell you that the standard shocks are interchangeable between these two bikes -so I would not expect any problems the Ohlins either!






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It came today.


Installation was easy.


No adjustments made, I left the spring where it was, supposed to be 5mm preload. I set the rebound at 12 clicks like suggested in the set up data for the BM 709 shock.


I could feel the difference when I took it off the side stand.


Here are the numbers.


Bike only sag Before 43 mm After 35 mm

Me on bike sag Before 55mm After 47 mm


I do not know what the spec is for this bike. It was 55 mm for my R1100RT.


I went for a ride. Front was softer than rear (opposite of before) I could rock the bike in its suspension with the throttle.


After 20 miles, I went 5 clocks out (less rebound). Things were really soft. Rear felt stiffer.


After 20 miles of that, I went back in 10 clicks, or 5 clicks stiffer than recommended. I sure could feel it. It was more like the old shock except smoother.


Leaving at 12 clicks for the rest of today. Going to see what its like with the girlfriend on in a couple days.


Yes, now I want the rear. Probably do not need the adjustable compression.


Wondering if MY old preload adjuster from this R1200R or from my R1100RT will fit a new Ohlins shock with screw adjusters.



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So far, so good.

I ended up making the shock its minimum length and adding preload to the spring to get my free sag down to 30 mm.

Sag with me on it including gear is 40 mm like in the manual. This is a generic setting. I can't find any other spec for this model motorcycle.


It works far better than the original. I have about 500 miles on it, including 2 up riding.


Trying to match the rear to the front has been difficult. If I set the rear rebound to be as soft as the front, the whole bike bounces on larger bumps.


I searched Ohlins site with nothing but the installation guide.



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