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Removing / Replacing Clutch & Brake Levers


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Argh! Every time I attempt to do something on this bike, new problem crops up. Could someone please point me in the right direction? I bought some alloy levers and am trying to remove the old ones. Very simple right?


Maybe on my other bikes. Seems like there's one bolt that goes into the cylinder rod (not sure what the name is). Both levers seem to have red loctite on them. Shattered three flat head bits using a small impact wrench. Tried drilling one out. Ended up destroying the clutch cylinder. Had to order a new one. Should've left well enough alone but since I have the levers, am I the only one having a problem removing them?


What am I doing wrong? The bolts the one that's all mesed up. I tried to drill it out but seems like the thread goes into the lever so I'd have to drill the entire thing out which won't leave any room for me to grab it with some pliers.



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Thank you but unfortunately, that lever is not the same as the ones on the R1150's.


It's the bolt that goes where the red arrow's pointing.


The diagram doesn't show a bolt.


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Shiny Side Up

Sorry I don't have any answers for you, but if it's any comfort - your project sounds like it's going the way most of mine do... :mad::cry:

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Thanks. Have experience with universal japanese bikes from the 70s and early 80s. My go to bike is a 1995 Triumph Thunderbird. Very straightforward bikes to work on. Replacing levers on those bikes would be a 20 minute job at most.

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Okay, I'm a dummkopf. The screw is attached to a plunger that doesn't need to be unscrewed before you remove the lever assembly. My bike was crashed by the PO and the opening was pinched a bit and it was sticking. I thought it wasn't coming out because the plunger was attached to the brake cylinder.


Hopefully this will help someone in the future. The good news is that the $25 (delivered) from EBay looks fantastic. If anyone wants to upgrade their lever, I highly recommend it. Should take about 30 minutes (if you're not a dummkopf like me).








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These are specifically for BMWs but im sure you can get them for TBirds. I have a 95 Tbord too. Try ebay.

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So...... 2 questions as I am 3/4 dummkopf, but with proper training and effort , hopefully 7/8 is in my future. Is it just one bolt that needs to be removed and then the plunger installed in new levers, and where did you get them ? Thanks.

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Follow the directions in the sheet i attached. The plunger needs to be reused and it has red loctite so you need to heat it up with a small torch or over an oven (its only attached to the lever).


Youll need to remove a couple of plastic coverd on the bottom and the choke and throttle covers.

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