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2009 RT Side Case Issue


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Hi Guys,


Been searching the forum a bit, trying to find a similar reference to the issue I've found, but no luck.


The right-side case latch, pulling the lever up, or pushing it down, to release/close the lid, is difficult at best, lots of resistance. I pulled the case apart, lubed everything, no improvement.


I traced the issue specifically the 'latch slider', i.e the sliding rails with the locking bolts on them. 1 of them (smaller one) is OK, the other has a lot of resistance. I tried every lube I have, and could get some improvement, but still not great. Not as easy/smooth as the other case. Feels like its binding, fussed with it a bit, tried to loosen it up, etc, but to no avail.


Any suggestions? Any TSB's or recalls on this type of issue?


Thanks for any help/info.




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Afternoon KetoSoi


There were a couple of bulletins (that I know of anyhow) Bulletin: # 4600209 043-- This can affect K26 & XX YY motorcycles manufactured between Jan 01, 2009 to June 26, 2009. Cases produced after June 29, 2009 are fitted with lock of improved design.


There was also one on side case flag repair (I don't have that TSB number handy but it doesn't seem to fit your problem.


There was also one on the little "L" shaped clamp that holds the case to the bike (bottom back of case) -- this was for loose case to bike issues "or side case rattles". (again I don't have the TSB handy but basically it stated that BMW now offers a selective-fit bag of clamps to remove the case to bike slop. (that bag of selective clamps are about $8.50 from the dealer)


These are the ones that come to mind anyhow & I am no where near my shop & service bulletin's this weekend.

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Brian Louw

Have a look at this thread on the K1600 forum. The latching mechanism is the same for cases on the K1600. I posted some pictures from post #16 onwards.

Case locking mechanism

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