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Added a 1982 CB750F Super Sport



35 years ago I owned a 79 750SS and always missed that bike. This great example of a survivor popped up at an affordable price and I just had to do it.


Has 26K miles and a handwritten log of service since 2000 when the 2nd owner purchased it. It's never sat around and ridden regularly since that time.


She starts and just sings ... no bobbles or burps. Smooth as a baby's behind. Has the original tool kit! Wheels aren't pitted, rubber is new, brakes were rebuilt and redone a few years ago, new chain and updated sprocket (remember 55mph speed limits?), all the electrics work ... needs new handle bars as what's on it isn't correct.


Needs a fork seal, choke cable and starter solenoid, all parts the previous owner gave me. Has a cracked left-hand turn signal housing. A new one was ordered last night.


Long term plans are to give it to my oldest daughter, who lives and rides in the Seattle area. She's just opened a motorcycle themed coffee shop called the Twisted Wick. The CB SS will fit right in.


But I'm gonna ride it for a while. Never had a bike with antique plates before. :bike:

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Shiny Side Up

"Green With Envy"


Man - that is a beautiful motorcycle and sounds like it was maintained.

Not surprised it needs a few things, but well worth the time / effort / money.


CONGRATULATIONS!! She's a "looker"!!

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Same here, a silver 900F. Loved it. I have a photo with my 10 year old daughter sitting on it, she is 42 now!

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Cool bike. I had a silver 1982 900F and a 1984ish (can't remember the exact year) 750F bol d' or when I lived in Germany.

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I was a Suzuki guy (80-750e & 81-1100e) but, was always looking at the Honda store. Nice clean example you've found! :thumbsup: (dude must of been a dirt biker) ;) I'm hoping to do the same someday.



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Thanks for the kind words.


I rode it about 50 miles Sunday to the group's weekly breakfast run. 1982, 55mph speed limit gearing has it buzzing pretty good at 60.


And for some reason I sure don't recall "big" displacement street bikes being this small.

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Shiny Side Up


And for some reason I sure don't recall "big" displacement street bikes being this small.

I can remember when a 500cc was a "big" motorcycle - but we were all rising those 90cc Hondas and 150 Suzukis in those days. A 500cc Matchless, BSA or Triumph seemed like a huge motorcycle!! LOL!

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There are some things that we forget about after time! I found these engines a bit buzzy when traveling at higher speeds too. The 500 and 550 Fours were smoother due to smaller size, but the 750 and 900 ( I assume the 1100's were too ) had a buzz to them. I never experimented with different sprockets on mine, that might have helped. Coming off a 1978 CX-500 Honda I thought these bikes had great brakes!

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