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R1150RT Crank seals weeping question and a few more details

SJ David

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Ok, so if you have been following my previous posts you know I had my engine out and disassembled. So I very carefully replaced my front and both rear crank shaft seals.


I expected a bit of weeping while they are getting seated. This is a new seal design that i am not used to seeing. It went pretty easy and I made adapters to slide them into place out of aluminum on my lathe and then polished them to a mirror finish. I made sure I shaped the lips to point inward toward the center of the engine. It went pretty easy into place.


I can not see exactly where they are weeping from on the seal either from the shaft or housing side. I only have about 100 miles since I put it back together. I have not been able to detect any measurable oil loss except for the weeping marks on the engine block. A little oil leak makes a huge wet spot.


So is this weeping normal? will they seat with more miles?


I know I still have a ways to go till the ecu figures out what it is doing, I think I had read that it will even out and run better around 200 miles or so since reset.It does run a bit strange since the reset.


I get a occasional ruff almost like miss in the lower rpms, but once the engine has a load and going down the street is seems just fine.


I also hear a occasional noise going down the freeway, sort of like a loose tappet, but if I speed up or slow down just a hair it disappears and is very inconsistent. Really the whole sound and feel of the bike since I bought it has changed with this rebuild. It is a bit louder than I remember, definitely running smoother than before too.


I also when balancing the throttle bodies found that the shaft on the right side is really worn, so part of the noise I hear is from that shaft popping from side to side. I am going to replace the bushing in the throttle body and machine a new butterfly shaft to fix that. I can not see paying $500.00 for a new throttle body with nothing on it.


Any R1150RTP guys around San Jose CA? I would like to meet up with someone and compare the sounds and feel of another RTP.



David M.

San Jose CA

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Afternoon David


If the rear main bearing to crankshaft journal is within specs then you shouldn't have any oil seepage.


Are the seals spaced correctly to allow crankcase venting?


You didn't plug or pinch the crankcase vent hose during re-assembly did you?


Any chance that it's the transmission front seal leaking & not the engine main seal leaking?


Or possibly the clutch slave cylinder seeping?

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I suspect that the crankcase vent my not be allowing crankcase gases to flow properly to the intake canister. The reason I suspect it is because I am getting a little bit of oil around the oil cap, which before did not happen.


I checked and double checked each seal before, during and after installation. I am so paranoid about them not leaking. I do not want to take the whole thing apart again, I want to spend more time riding.


Transmission seal, and clutch slave cylinder were checked while the transmission was removed. I did a full service and cleaning. No signs of leaks were found when removed.


The oil film on the engine below the seals is engine oil. I made sure it was engine oil, tiny taste, along with color and viscosity confirmed it.


Thanks for the advice


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