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Bill R MZ

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Hi all.

Joined up to get some information. I'm looking at a 2005 R1200ST (I like "odd")... ;)

Been riding off and on since my teens...mini-bikes and dirt bikes on a farm. Friends had cruisers...I wanted an RD350.

My first road bike was an '82 Honda CX500 Turbo...that was one nice ride. Couple of dirt bikes again after that, then laid off while we grew our family.

Back on a little enduro in 2008, then bought an MZ Skorpion (Tour and now a Traveller).

Read a lot of reviews on the ST and RT, looked at a lot of pictures. The ST just does something for me.

Great site, enjoying the info and camaraderie in the posts.

Questions will be coming.

Bill R.

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Hi Bill and welcome to the site! :wave:

The ST is a polarizing motorcycle for sure. Whether you get it or not, (styling) no doubt it's one heck of a sport-touring motorcycle. :thumbsup:



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Welcome. RD350....I love the smell of bean oil in the morning.


Blendzall, smells like.....Victory!


Welcome Bill!

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Welcome. RD350....I love the smell of bean oil in the morning.

Yup. Guy at school had one...oh, the smoke...

along with the Kawasakis, Yamahas and Pentons...( yes those were the good ole days...) :old:


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Welcome. Nashville, eh? Holler if I can help. I'm just up the road. :wave:

Thanks. Not too far.

My oldest went to Austin Peay for 3 years, spent a bit of time in Clarksville. :)

I've scoped a few bikes out and contacted the sellers. 3 of them are less than 25K miles.

Can't pull the trigger just yet, just signed a contract on a new house and have to let all that settle out. Patience.... :P

I usually do all of my own maintenance. Once the purchase is made, I plan to get the JVB dvds and go thru it to check everything over. I'll be asking a bunch of questions, if I can't find it on here.



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Hi Bill, welcome to the board. I'm a bit biased, but like your BMW choice. ;) Sorry to say you can't have my ST as I'm very fond of it still after 11+ years.

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