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Looking for Brake Bleed Funnel tool in San Jose CA area

SJ David

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Anyone have this tool or made this tool in the san jose california area they would be willing to rent or loan?



David M.

San Jose, CA

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I've got one you can have, but I'm in Tennessee. And it's not worth the postage. Run down to Lowes or Home Depot and get you a cheap funnel and #2 rubber stopper. Drill a hole through the stopper and shove the funnel in there. Gently twist in the stopper. Yeah, it might seep a little bit, but it works fine. $5.

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Afternoon David


As Mike noted a #2 rubber stopper & funnel will work good.


My preference is a long spout water bottle or other bottle with a long thin nozzle.


Just cut the bottom out of the bottle then drill hole in stopper (tight fit to the bottle spout) then push the spout through the stopper hole.


The reason that I like the water bottle better than a funnel is it seals to the stopper without any leaking, plus the water bottle holds a LOT more fluid than a funnel so you can fill it then bleed a large amount through without stopping the procedure to constantly refill.



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Thanks, I worked it out using a funnel with a cut off valve and a PVC fitting that I cut down on my lathe, worked pretty good.




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